Union Station is the region’s primary transit hub, connecting Southern California counties whose combined population totals more than 17 million.  Metro purchased the iconic downtown LA station in 2011.

More than 60,000 travelers and commuters access the station’s transit providers, which include Metro bus and rail lines, Metrolink commuter rail, Amtrak long-distance rail, and numerous municipal carriers and specialty shuttles with connections to downtown Los Angeles. As Measure R funds Metro’s system expansion, Union Station is expected to see upwards of 100,000 boardings per day.

The Union Station Master Plan will develop Metro’s vision and plan to guide future development at the station, including transit operations and new private and/or public real estate development.

Project Overview

  • $350-million track redesign that will cut down on transfers and wait time for Amtrak and Metrolink commuter trains
  • Replace the surface parking lot in front of the grand old station with a civic plaza that could include outdoor dining and an esplanade facing Alameda Street.
  • Move the Patsouras Transit Plaza from the rear of Union Station to the west side of Union Station.
  • Develop approximately 3.25 million square feet of hotels, office space, and retail around the station.


union station 1
A rendering of the Union Station property in the future after the Master Plan is implemented.


union station 3
This rendering shows the new concourse and bus plaza, which would move from the eastern to western side of the station.

union station 2
Near-term plans involve replacing the parking lot at the front of Union Station with a civic plaza and streetscape improvements along both sides of Alameda Street.