The proposed Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar Project aims to offer an alternative mode of transportation to navigate the City’s various points of interest. The most recent plans include a 3.8-mile loop connecting South Park, Financial District, Historic Core, Grand Park, Civic Center, Fashion District, and the Convention Center.

As of June 16, 2015, the Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee voted 5-0 to allow the developers of project to contract out the preliminary engineering work.

The most recent price tag for the proposed LA Streetcar Project is approximately $281.6 million – up from the $125 million figure presented to voters in 2012. Since this amount would exceed the Federal Transit Administration’s $250 million limit for projects seeking funding under the Small Starts program, the streetcar would thus be ineligible for a $75 million FTA grant currently under review. In total, the project would face a funding shortfall of $144 million.

The developer intends to explore public-private partnerships as a means of generating additional funding for the project.  This may include the construction of a mixed-use development in conjunction with the streetcar’s maintenance facility.